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He is risen with colorful sand mountains - Easter Graphic.png
Easter Sunday 2022


Jesus is our risen Savior! He is alive today in His church and we are so excited to celebrate the good news of His resurrection. We are looking forward to gathering on Easter Sunday to sing songs of praise, hear the word preached, and join in worshiping together the miracle that is Easter!


If you are interested in participating from the comforts of your home with us on this Easter Sunday,  we'd love for you to join us online! Our in-person gathering will be live streamed on our Facebook Page starting at 10:20am on Sunday, April 17th! If that is your preferred option for worshiping on Easter Sunday, we'd love for you to join us for this wonderful worship experience. 

Wherever you find yourself this Easter Sunday, we’d love for you to join with us as we celebrate the resurrected Savior, JESUS!

Sunday, April 17th @ 10:30am
at the Christian Arts Centre
(N2490 Cisco Rd Lake Geneva)

When you arrive at the Christian Arts Centre, find a parking spot and enter through the front doors.
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