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was to come. We will see how he dealt with all that he faced in his final days: fear, pain, loss and injustice. And we will see the truth of who he is, shown in a powerful way, through both his death on the cross, and his resurrection. The ultimate revelation that, Jesus is - I Am.

At The River, we believe that we are changed when we encounter Jesus. Every week we teach through passages of scripture and ask Jesus what he wants us to learn and how he is calling us to live in his way with his heart.

Current Series

In our Winter 2022 series, "I Am,” we will conclude the second half of the Gospel of John. We look forward to diving into the remaining chapters of John's gospel that focuses on Jesus’ final week on earth. We will see how Jesus chose to spend his remaining days; the ways in which he loved those around him and how he prepared them for what

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