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The River Kids

We believe our kids ministry is the most important ministry in the church, and when successful, it not only affects singular lives, but generations. With over 70% of decisions about Christ happening between the ages of 4 and 14 years old, we as children's ministry servants have a large mission field. We strive to show our children that they are loved by God, created to serve God, and fully part of the community of God at the River Church.


We do so in part by:

  • Creating a safe place for our children to feel like they belong.

  • Creating a consistent adult presence in their lives.

  • Involving parents in the spiritual growth of their children.

  • Investing in and building up the leaders who serve in our children's ministry.

All while having fun and letting our children see our passion and excitement for God.

River Kids Nursery (birth thru 4 year olds)

Where we show the love of Jesus to our youngest members. 

We learn together through intentional play, songs and story time focusing on:

  • God created all things.

  • Jesus loves me.

  • Jesus is my best friend.

We pray for, care for and love your child well in a safe and comfortable environment.

River Kids (5 thru 12 year olds)

Where we show the love of Jesus to the children that come through our doors. 


The Gospel Project curriculum guides us through the Christ-centered, chronological Bible studies through intentional games, stories and crafts focusing on:

  • Making wise decisions

  • Trusting God no matter what

  • I am never alone

We pray for, care and love your child while helping them have a biblical foundation and understanding to navigate their worlds.

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